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To our viewers:

With the digital age every provider has a different channel line-up and public television is no different. We want to help you locate our programming. You may be in a market that has several channels (Primary Channel, Over-The-Air, Create Channel, World Channel). Not all public television stations subscribe to the additional channels.

  1. To locate your local station click here. We would be happy to look up the channels for your local station and will respond by 12 noon eastern time next business day of receiving your message. The form will take one minute to fill out.
  2. Locate your station in the Carriage Report table below. The table will show you all the showings 30 days from today. You can sort by the State, City, Station, and Date columns by clicking on the up and down arrow to help you confirm when the program is scheduled. If you do not see your area listed you can sign up to receive email notifications.
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State City Station Ch. ID Primary
Day Date Time Time
FLCocoa BeachWEFS68.168.1Sat 04/29/201710:00 PMET
FLCocoa BeachWEFS68.168.1Sun04/30/201703:00 AMET
WAPullmanKWSU1010Sun 04/30/201703:00 PMPT
MIFlint-Saginaw-Bay CityWCMZ28.128.1Sat05/06/201708:00 PMET
MIMt. PleasantWCMU14/HD14/HDSat05/06/201708:00 PMET
MITraverse CityWCMW21/HD21/HDSat05/06/201708:00 PMET
MICadillacWCMV27/HD27/HDSat05/06/201708:00 PMET
MIAlpenaWCML6/HD6/HDSat05/06/201708:00 PMET
ORPortlandKOPB10.1/HD10.1/Wed05/10/201711:00 PMPT
ORLa GrandeKTVR13.1/HD13.1/Wed05/10/201711:00 PMPT
OREugeneKEPB29.1/HD29.1/Wed05/10/201711:00 PMPT
ORCorvallisKOAC7.1/HD7.1/HWed05/10/201711:00 PMPT
ORMedfordKSYS88Wed05/10/201711:00 PMPT
ORKlamath FallsKFTS2222Wed05/10/201711:00 PMPT
ORPortlandKOPB10.1/HD10.1/Fri05/12/201704:00 AMPT
ORLa GrandeKTVR13.1/HD13.1/Fri05/12/201704:00 AMPT
OREugeneKEPB29.1/HD29.1/Fri05/12/201704:00 AMPT
ORCorvallisKOAC7.1/HD7.1/HFri05/12/201704:00 AMPT
ORMedfordKSYS88Fri05/12/201704:00 AMPT
ORBendKOAB11.1/HD11.1/Fri05/12/201704:00 AMPT
ORBendKOAB11.1/HD11.1/Fri05/12/201704:00 AMPT